It has been suggested that the preferred educational placement for children with disabilities should be in a ‘normal’ school environment, however, this is dependent upon many factors.  Support services and a lack of teacher training in these areas provides a challenge for many schools and teachers.  Planning, consultation and ongoing support networks with professionals need to be maintained. Haskell, as referenced by Ashman & Elkins (1998) states these critical support factors:

·         Expertise and in-service training in disability-related curricular areas
·         Constructive and collaborative family support
·         Relevant curriculum
·         Para-educational support
·         Supportive administrators
·         Small class sizes

In-roads are being made into these areas but still budgetary constraints and lack of teacher training are still obstacles to be overcome. 

The following website has been prepared by Toni Stumer, as an assessment piece for Supportive Learning Environments (CQU, GDLT Program) all photos and media are royalty free.