Social Interaction

One of the most significant problems for children on the autism spectrum is difficulty in social interaction (Rudy, 2007). Often times autistic children seem rude or self absorbed, this is symptomatic of the disorder.  Some autistic children do not have a concept of 'other' or empathise (Lawson, 2001).  They also have difficulties in sustaining friendships or sharing enjoyment with others (ASPECT 2008).

While teachers and parents learn about autism and methods for helping the child learn and function in society, children are often forgotten. They may not understand the medical aspects of autism but they can be helped to understand some of the differences in an autistic child and how to be a good friend. (Wagaman, 2009)

Teacher Resources

"Since We're Friends: An Autism Picture Book is an offering in a growing genre of books written for typical children about peers with autism. Within that genre, it's one of the better books out there. Told from the point of view of a typical boy, it describes a variety of scenarios in which an autistic friend might have a tough time -- and offers practical solutions for smoothing and improving relationships".
( guide, 2009)

This book offers teachers the opportunity to involve class discussion and develop a basic understanding of Autism.  Teachers could use this book to promote class discussion on Autism and other disabilities, develop activities to further enhance an understanding of students with disabilities.